Funding Criteria

The outputs from the Planning for Real event in 2008 and the Making it Real event in March 2011 have been analysed and this has given us the base on which to prioritise our funding programmes. These criteria were updated from the output of a consultation event (Making it Happen) which was held in Pitmedden School in May 2012 and full details of the output can be found in a separate document titled

“Udny Community Action Plan”. The board have therefore decided that in the initial years they will concentrate the funding on activities or projects which have charitable purpose and give benefit to the community and these include:-

Community Action

Community events involving music, dance, art and sport. Creation of a team of volunteers to create, lead and support community activities.

Community Organisations

Village Halls, Sports Clubs, youth organisations, community clubs, Church.

Environmental Action

Development of footpaths, bridleways and links to the regions extensive network of pathways. Improvement of the energy efficiency of public and private buildings within the community with energy audits and energy saving investments. Investigation of other renewable energy projects.

Community Health & Wellbeing

Provision of facilities within Udny to help all ages within the community.


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