Project Evaluation Group

Project Evaluation Group

A group of trust members have been recruited and they will form a team which will assess and evaluate each application of over £500. This team must consistently apply the set criteria and declare any conflicts of interest they may have. An evaluation proforma (

Appendix B) has been developed which will help adjudicate each application. This proforma is for identifying strengths & weaknesses and assessing similar applications as well as comparing different judge’s assessments.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Project Evaluation Group (PEG) Member

The following information has been provided to ensure that each PEG member has clear guidance for assessing applications: –
a) The prime aim of a PEG member is to assess each application in a consistent manner showing neither prejudice nor favour.

b) Each application must be treated as “In Confidence” and must not be discussed with anyone out with the PEG, Development Officer or Board of Directors.

c) Each PEG member must declare if they have any conflicts of interest when asked to appraise an application and if so must decline any involvement in the assessment of that application.

d) For applications to be recommended by the PEG they must fall into the categories shown in Section 2.

e) Applications must be from voluntary/non-profit-making organisations and/or for community initiatives primarily based in the parish of Udny. It is not necessary for the applicant to be a registered charity however; we can only support work which is legally charitable as defined by Scottish Law.

f) If any additional information is required from the applicant this should be obtained via the Validation officer.

g) Each PEG member must use the evaluation sheet to ensure consistency in their assessment of applications.

h) The recommendation reached by the PEG must have been assessed by at least 5 members and the majority view given. In this recommendation the PEG are free to suggest caveats and conditions which they would like the applicant to undertake. They should also state if they are recommending full or partial funding.

i) The PEG should not concern themselves regarding the amount of funds available at any point in time. The decision on the availability of funds lies with the Board of Directors

j) The process of advising and selecting PEG members for the assessment of applications is contained in section 5.1 and can also be found at .

k) It should be noted that the names of all PEG members will be shown on the web site.


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